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Rolf Binder Wines

 澳洲 羅夫賓德酒莊 http://rolfbinder.com/

「羅夫賓德酒莊」原名「芙瑞塔酒莊」,成立於1955年,由來自奧地利的母親(Franzicha Binder)與來自匈牙利的父親漢瑞克(Heibrich Binder)在巴羅莎谷地創立。傳承到了第二代兒子羅夫(Rolf)與女兒克莉絲塔(Christa)時,巴羅莎谷地的老藤已經極具價值,希哈、馬他羅、格那希都開始散發老藤風華,八零年代開始,這個谷地裡的小酒莊,不斷創新,運用這些珍貴的果實調和出令人激賞的珍釀,芙瑞塔酒莊就是見證這段歷史的最佳代表。


而芙瑞塔酒莊的漢尼希頂級希哈紅酒(Hanisch Shiraz)更是酒評名家們的寵兒,英文版的專業葡萄酒雜誌「Decanter」曾經評筆1994年份的漢尼希頂級希哈紅酒為澳洲希哈酒款的前三名。美國權威葡萄酒評論家羅伯帕克在2001年時,賦予1998年份的漢尼希頂級希哈紅酒99分的高分,而綜觀本酒莊所有希哈酒款,在羅伯帕克的評分下,平均都有95分的高分。2003年時,消費性雜誌「Winestate' magazine Jewels of the Barossa」,將漢尼希頂級希哈紅酒91年開始的9個年份評分,其中3支得到五顆星,5支得到四顆半星,1支得到四顆星。



2005年  巴羅莎年度釀酒師

兩位酒莊主人兼釀酒師克莉絲塔與羅夫皆受過知名的葡萄酒學術聖殿─Roseworthy學院的洗禮,克莉絲塔畢業後,加入了Wolf Blass精練她的手藝,之後還在世界各地釀酒,練就白酒的釀造功力。羅夫一開始在歐洲釀酒,之後回到故鄉協助父親一點一滴地建立芙瑞塔的卓越聲譽。權威酒評家Robert Parker視羅夫賓德酒莊為他最欣賞的澳洲酒莊之一,酒款沒有過多的橡木味,而飽涵絕妙的成熟韻味、集中的果香,並有獨特的個性,且極具窖藏的實力。羅夫與克莉絲塔持續專注於表現出巴羅莎谷地最具代表性的酒款,隨著羅夫賓德酒莊愈見成長的聲名,愈來愈多人看見巴羅莎谷地風情萬種的葡萄酒,因而兩位主人在2005年雙雙獲頒巴羅莎谷地年度釀酒師的表彰,成就可見一斑。

Background of the Veritas Winery

Mother-Franzicha and father-Rolf Heinrich arrived in from Europe ( and ) in 1950 part of the large influx of post war immigration to . They purchased this business in 1955.

Later came the realization of the great riches of the Barossa Valley in old vine shiraz, mataro and grenache. Experiments at Veritas and a number of other, mostly small Barossa wineries followed and led through the 1980's to the release of many exciting old vine varietal blends.

Veritas slowly gained recognition and in 1996 and 1997 was awarded the Trophy for Best Small Producer at the Barossa Wine Show and the Trophy for the Best Barossa Shiraz. In 2002 Veritas again won the Trophy for the Best Small Producer. More recently Veritas has been awarded twice in 2002 and 2003 the Trophy for the Best Semillon at the Barossa Wine Show. In 2002 Veritas were the makers of the top three pointed semillons at the Barossa Show and included the gold medal and trophy winning wine.

The English wine magazine 'Decanter' featured the Veritas Hanisch 1994 as one of the 'Top three Australian Shiraz'.

A strong appraisal of all Veritas reds by the New York wine critic Robert Parker in his influential 'Wine Advocate', June, 2001, which included a rating for the Veritas 'Hanisch' Shiraz 1998, of 99 points out of 100. An average of all of his reviews of shiraz made by Veritas gives a current rate of 95 out of 100.

Included in the consumer 'Winestate' magazine 'Jewels of the Barossa', March-April, 2003. Nine vintages of the Veritas Hanisch were rated as; three with five stars, five with four and a half stars, and one with four stars.

The Name Change to Rolf Binder Wines
Until 2004 wines carried the family brand of Veritas. As interest in the wines grew in the this term caused confusion with another Veritas wine brand. Now all the wines are branded Rolf Binder.

Wine Styles - White and Red and Fortified


Veritas make Barossa Valley and Eden Valley white wines and the varieties used are riesling, chardonnay, semillon, chenin blanc, sauvignon blanc and viognier. Red varieties made at the winery from the Barossa region which encompasses the Barossa Valley and the Eden Valley and small outlying areas include shiraz, cabernet sauvignon, mataro , and grenache. All our significant red wine brands are sourced from the Barossa Valley .

About Rolf Binder Hanisch


Hanisch was first produced in 1991. Production is tiny at about 300 to 350 cases. It cannot be increased as it comes from a small number of vines on a particular part of the home blocks that surround the winery. The home blocks are given the name Chri-Ro after Christa and Rolf.

The wine is aged partly in new American oak and a smaller amount in new French oak which has been matured in the Barossa Valley for two years before being made into barrels by A.P.Johns of Tanunda and partly in older French and American oak.

This small vineyard area produces about 12 to 16 barrels and at the wine classification stage this is reduced to perhaps 10 to 12 barrels. The declassified Hanisch is used in Bulls Blood and other bottlings.

兩位酒莊主人兼釀酒師克莉絲塔與羅夫皆受過知名的葡萄酒學術聖殿─Roseworthy學院的洗禮,克莉絲塔畢業後,加入了Wolf Blass精練她的手藝,之後還在世界各地釀酒,練就白酒的釀造功力。羅夫一開始在歐洲釀酒,之後回到故鄉協助父親一點一滴地建立芙瑞塔的卓越聲譽。權威酒評家Robert Parker視羅夫賓德酒莊為他最欣賞的澳洲酒莊之一,酒款沒有過多的橡木味,而飽涵絕妙的成熟韻味、集中的果香,並有獨特的個性,且極具窖藏的實力。羅夫與克莉絲塔持續專注於表現出巴羅莎谷地最具代表性的酒款,隨著羅夫賓德酒莊愈見成長的聲名,愈來愈多人看見巴羅莎谷地風情萬種的葡萄酒,因而兩位主人在2005年雙雙獲頒巴羅莎谷地年度釀酒師的表彰,成就可見一斑。

Barossa Winemaker of the Year 2005 Awards

Both Rolf Binder and Christa Deans attended the world-renowned Roseworthy College to complete their degrees in winemaking. Christa developed her skills further at Wolf Blass and then worked overseas where she specialised in white wine production. Rolf, after several years winemaking in Europe , came home to help his father at Veritas (Rolf Binder Wines) and to take on most of the responsibilities and to building up the reputation of Rolf Binder Wines. Today, Veritas Winery has achieved great heights, receiving praise from some of the world’s best know wine critics. Robert Parker, writer for the Wine Advocate said: "One of my favourite Australian wineries. Veritas’ offerings are never excessively oaked, possesses extraordinary ripe, concentrated fruit, great individuality, and the potential, in the top examples to improve for two decades." The reputation of Rolf Binder Wines continues to grow and grow but will never lose sight of its origins and its main aim to make truly great Barossa wines. It is this strong commitment that has earned Rolf Binder and Christa Deans the honour to share the Barons of Barossa Winemaker of the Year 2005 award.


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